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COMPOSE: Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

COMPOSE project aims to seamlessly integrate the real and the virtual worlds through the creation of an open and scalable Marketplace infrastructure. It will expose services usable by human and virtual users. The combination, integration and management of these services will be done in a standardized and secure way. The general structure of the open Marketplace envisioned for COMPOSE is depicted in the following picture:

Main Compose Objectives

  • Enabling new services by integrating real and virtual worlds through empowering the Internet of Things
  • Provisioning of an open and scalable marketplace infrastructure for smart objects, services and innovative applications.
  • Bridging the Internet of Things to the Internet of Services and ultimately the Internet of Contents.
  • Promote a new business ecosystem for Small and Medium Enterprises and innovators to introduce new Internet of Things enabled services and applications.

Role of Uni Passau in COMPOSE

Our chair is currently contributing to the design and development of the security framework for COMPOSE. The security mechanisms our group is going to integrate are:

  • Identification and authentication for applications, users, and objects inside the Marketplace.
  • Data provenance for the information generated from different entities in COMPOSE.
  • Trust and reputation mechanism for the service objects, users, and developers.
  • Novel static, dynamic and hybrid algorithms to analyse inter- and intra-service information flow to guarantee security policies set by the users, developers, and data providers.
  • Secure service composition and re-configuration
  • Deploy static analysis in the COMPOSE SDK to support developers to design secure services for the Marketplace.

The COMPOSE consortium comprises twelve partners, including leading ICT companies, recognised academic and research excellence centres, a standardization body, as well as pioneering Small and Medium Enterprises in Internet of Things-based innovative services.

People involved

Research assistants


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Bachelor and Master Theses

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