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Tobias Marktscheffel

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Contact Details

Email: email
Tel: +49-851-509-3227
Fax: +49-851-509-3212
Room: 135a

Office Address 

Universität Passau
Innstraße 43
94032 Passau, Germany

Current Activities 

I am a research assistant in the IT-Security group at the University of Passau. In the past (2014-2017) I have been part of the project FORSEC, working on the subproject on security of the internet of things (TP2). Currently I am working in the project SEMIoTICS.

Research Interests 

  • Internet of Things (Security)
  • Taint Analysis
  • Android Security


  • FORSEC (2014-2017)
  • SEMIoTICS (2018-2020)


  • T. Marktscheffel, W. Gottschlich, W. Popp, P. Werli, S. D. Fink, A. Bilzhause and H. de Meer. QR Code Based Mutual Authentication Protocol for Internet of Things. In Proc. of The 5th workshop on IoT-SoS: Internet of Things Smart Objects and Services (WOWMOM SOS-IOT 2016), IEEE, July, 2016. bibtex ...
  • D. Schreckling and T. Marktscheffel. An Artificial Immune System Approach for Artificial Chemistries Based on Set Rewriting. In Proceedings of 9th Annual Conference in Artificial Immune Systems (ICARIS), Edinburgh, UK, July 26-29, pages 250-263, Springer, July, 2010.  Best paper award. doi...  bibtex ...

Bachelor and Master Theses 

If you are interested in a Bachelor or Master Thesis related to Android security, internet of things security, and/or information flow analysis, feel free to contact me. Please also check the list of specific theses currently on offer (in Student Info).

  • Currently Ongoing:
    • Bachelor Thesis: Evaluation of the Usage of Native Code in Android Apps (Stefan Klessinger)
    • Master Thesis: Analysing the State of Security in Android's JNI (Michael Market)
  • Finished:
    • Bachelor Thesis: Security-Enabled Middleware for Android on Odroid (Christoph Frädrich)
    • Bachelor Thesis: Development of a data transfer with light signals (Paul Nikolaus)
    • Master Project: Securely Associating with Sensors in the Internet of Things (Ahmed Amine Lamiri)
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