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Magister en Ingeniería Juan David Parra

Picture of Juan David Parra

Contact Details

Tel: +49-851-509-3213
Fax: +49-851-509-3212
Room: 121

Office Address 

Universität Passau
Innstrasse 43
94032 Passau, Germany

Current activities

I am currently Research assistant and a PhD student. I am very interested in exploring unconventional attacks using HTML5 technologies such as WebSockets, WebWorkers and WebRTC, and their possible countermeasures. I am currently the work package leader for the security tasks in the AGILE project. The main focus on our work in this project is on identity management, access and usage control of the data, and data provenance collection. I have worked for the COMPOSE Project. My main tasks there were related to identity management, data provenance collection, and reputation

Research Interests 

  • Unconventional attacks based on HTML5 technologies
  • Parasitic computing
  • Machine Learning methods applied to security
  • Internet of Things


  • Parra R. J. D. and Posegga, J. CSP & Co. Can Save Us from a Rogue Cross-Origin Storage Browser Network! But for How Long?. In Proceedings of the Eighth ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy, pages 170-172, ACM, 2018. doi...  paper...  bibtex ...
  • Parra R. J. D., Schreckling, D. and Posegga,Joachim. Addressing Data-Centric Security Requirements for IoT-Based Systems. In 2016 International Workshop on Secure Internet of Things (SIoT), pages 1-10, September, 2016. doi...  bibtex ...
  • D. Schreckling, J. D. P. Rodriguez and J. Posegga. Data centric Security for IoT. In Proc. of 2nd EAI International Conference on IoT as a Service, Springer, October, 2015.  To appear soon bibtex ...
  • Parra R. J. D. and Posegga, J. Why Servers Should Fear their Clients: Abusing Websockets in Browsers for DoS. In Proc. of 11th EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (SECURECOMM), 2015. pdf...  bibtex ...
  • Parra R. J. D., Schreckling, D. and Posegga, J. Identity Management in Platforms Offering IoT as a Service. In Internet of Things. User-Centric IoT, pages 281-288, Springer International Publishing, 2015. doi...  paper...  bibtex ...


  • IoTWeek 2014 ( London 17.06.2014) Session on IERC- Trusted Internet of Things
  • GETD#4 Summit & Hackathon Berlin ( Berlin 22.07.2016) Identity Panel


  • Daniel Nachtmann's Bachelor Thesis: Integration of a Trust and Reputation system in Cloud Foundry
  • Per Fuchs's Bachelor Thesis: DoS Detection in NodeRED
  • Eduard Brehm's Bachelor Thesis: Web Based P2P Anonymizing Network


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