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Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Joachim Posegga

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Contact Details

Tel: +49-851-509-3211
Fax: +49-851-509-3212

Office Address 

Universität Passau
Innstrasse 43
94032 Passau, Germany

Professional Background

I am heading the "IT-Security" group at the University of Passau since April 2008. Before coming to Passau I was appointed Professor at the University of Hamburg in 2003 and founded the "Security in Distributed Systems (SVS)" group at the University of Hamburg. Before coming to academia I was leading the Security Research Program at SAP Corporate Research; from 1995-2000 I worked on security at Deutsche Telekom Research in Darmstadt. I also had an early "academic life" at the Universities of Karlsruhe, Edinburgh, and Kaiserslautern.
A page with biographic information gives some more details.


Some pointers to upcoming events where I serve on the program committee can be found on the conference overview.

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