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Picture of Eric Rothstein

Magister en Ingeniería  Eric Rothstein Morris

Contact Details

Tel: +49-851-509-3214
Fax: +49-851-509-3212

Office Address 

Universität Passau
Innstrasse 43
94032 Passau, Germany

Short Bio 

I work for the BIOMICS project as a research assistant. I encourage interdisciplinary work between IT Security,
computer science and mathematics.

Research Interests 

  • Formal methods and their application.
  • Abstract state machines.
  • Property verification and specification.
  • Coalgebra models fo system security.

Information for Students 

Contact me if you study IT Security or Computer Science and wish to work in applied formal methods.



  • C. L. Nehaniv, J. Rhodes, A. Egri-Nagy, P. Dini, E. R. Morris, G. Horváth, F. Karimi, D. Schreckling and M. J. Schilstra. Symmetry structure in discrete models of biochemical systems: natural subsystems and the weak control hierarchy in a new model of computation driven by interactions. In Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 373 (2046), 2015. doi...  bibtex ...


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