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Dipl.-Inf.  Christopher Alm

Contact Details

Dipl.-Inf. Christopher Alm
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Tel.: +49-851-509-3213
Fax.: +49-851-509-3212
Room: 136, ITZ

Office Address 

Universität Passau
Innstrasse 43
94032 Passau, Germany

Research Interest 

  • Security Models and Policy Languages
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Authorization Management
  • Authorization Constraints
  • Additional Interest:
    • Formal Methods
    • Cryptography
    • Applied Software Security
    • OS Security, Unix

Research Project 

  • Organizational Control Architecture (ORKA): From static rights management to dynamic organization-based control.

    The goal of ORKA is to develop a fine-grained authorization architecture that goes together with enterprise IT infrastructures including workflow environments and service oriented architectures. We strive for combining policy validation capabilities, ability to enforce a wide range of organizational control principles in a direct, elegant and concise way, and suitability for daily use in an enterprise setting.

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Further Activities 

Curriculum Vitae 

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